Even Professional Chefs Mess Up Sometimes

It’s been a while since I posted, but I had to tell you all about this story because you just can’t make it up. Commercial drain cleaner is not as safe as the manufacturers claim it is.  I learned that lesson the hard way. With all the food my wife and I barbecued, some of the charred meat got stuck in the drains.  I had to have the pipes replaced in my former home.  It was outrageously expensive because it was on an emergency basis and I just picked a random plumbing company out of the phone book without checking them out.  Big mistake!  When my drains clogged at my new house, I wanted a professional drain cleaner in order to avoid the costly mistake I had made before.  At first, the pipes were draining slowly so I knew I was soon going to need my drains cleaned, so I had already begun to ask around.  I talked to family members and friends to see who they recommended for drain cleaning and general plumbing duties.  I also did a search online for plumbers. I read the reviews of those online and made sure they had good reputations on third-party sites too. I had narrowed down my plumbing company choices.  When the time came to actually get my drains cleaned, I called the three I had narrowed the list down to.  I chose the one I felt would do the best job.  They were out right away and were professional and courteous too.  The job was done in no time.  I am happy that now, I have a plumber that I can call anytime without going through the filtering process.  If your drains are clogged, please don’t rely on commercial drain cleaning products.  Especially if you have a septic tank system, drain cleaning products can ruin your pipes and even your system.  Call a plumbing company for professional drain cleaning.  Having a drain cleaner who is an expert is priceless while using commercial drain products can be very, very expensive.  Trust me. And, just make sure to throw the excess food out instead of letting it get into the pipes. The only exception is the garbage disposal; if you have that, have at it.